Dakota Avenue Reconstruction

Interstate Engineering, Inc. was selected by the North Dakota Department of Transportation to provide Preliminary Engineering Services for a reconstruction project on ND-13 (Dakota Avenue) in Wahpeton, North Dakota. In conjunction, Interstate Engineering was also hired by the City of Wahpeton to provide design services for the municipal utilities associated with the project. Dakota Avenue is the main east-west highway through downtown Wahpeton. The project consisted of:

  • 5-lane non-reinforced concrete pavement street
  • new storm sewer
  • new street lights and traffic signals
  • new sidewalks
  • new pavement markings and signing.


The City also determined that at this time they would replace the sanitary sewer system (portions of which approached 100 years old) along with the water distribution system that was also aging. An extensive public input process was utilized during this time as multiple enhancements were part of the project and numerous downtown business owners were affected. To help alleviate some of the construction inconvenience to the businesses, the project was divided into 12 phases.

The NDDOT contracted Interstate Engineering to perform Construction Engineering Services for this reconstruction project. Interstate Engineering’s services included construction observation, construction staking, material testing and public information coordination.

Weekly construction meetings were held to coordinate the ongoing project details with the contractor and subcontractors along with the City, NDDOT, Interstate Engineering staff, and emergency services. Bi-weekly public meetings were held to keep local business owners informed in addition to the general public. Local media received regular project updates via press releases and public service announcements.