FEMA Flood Insurance Program

Interstate Engineering has completed numerous FEMA LOMR, CLOMR, LOMA, elevation certificates, and floodplain development permits. Some of the larger projects include the Higgins Gulch CLOMR/LOMR, the Reserve on Higgins Gulch CLOMR, Miller Creek LOMR, and the Spearfish Creek LOMR. The Higgins Gulch CLOMR/LOMR included 2.5 miles of flood plain delineation to model two box culverts and channel improvement. The Reserve on Higgins Gulch CLOMR included 1.5 miles of flood plain delineation, two box culverts, 1 bridge, and a detention pond. Interstate Engineering has completed numerous Elevation Certificates for banks, individuals, and companies that have structures along FEMA floodplains. Interstate Engineering has been successful removing structures from the requirement of having Flood Insurance through the FEMA Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) program.