Point Bridge

Point Bridge is a major crossing of the Red River, located in the southern portion of Grand Forks, North Dakota. Due to the condition of the structure, the City of Grand Forks selected Interstate Engineering to prepare planning documents for the repair or replacement of this bridge. The existing structure consisted of twelve spans of steel beams, with an overall length of 834 feet.

As a part of the Design Study, one of the alternatives considered was a replacement structure at the location of the existing bridge. This work involved the development of geometric layouts, preliminary plans, and probable costs for construction. Due to budget constraints, the City pursued a rehabilitation option which included repaving corroded areas, extending deck drains, and re-painting the steel beams and bents.

The alternative that was selected by the City of Grand Forks involved the complete removal of all of the lead -based paint on the structure to an S10 specification and subsequent repainting of the steel components on structure. All of this work took place in an enclosed structure to protect the environment and the Red River from any contaminants.
Interstate Engineering staff also provided construction engineering services to monitor the progress and provide quality assurance.