Prairie Knights Casino

In the fall of 2007, Prairie Knights Casino and Resort began exploring the option of constructing a new hotel addition to their current facility. Prairie Knights Casino hired Interstate Engineering to perform preliminary work on the feasibility of the hotel expansion and to provide opinions of probable costs associated to the overall project. Interstate Engineering began working with AT Architecture to look at various layouts for the proposed improvements.

In the fall of 2008, Prairie Knights Casino and Resort contracted with Interstate Engineering to perform construction administration, project management, and construction observation services for the overall project, as well as civil design services. The final design included a 108 unit, three-story hotel addition attached to the existing facility.

This new hotel addition consisted of a pool with a 129 foot water slide, jacuzzi, fitness room, game room, and staff training rooms. In addition, the design for the requested improvements included the filling in of a courtyard area between the existing casino and lodge. This added more gaming space, some retail shops, and a new lodge entrance.

As part of the overall project, parking for the new hotel addition was an issue. Working with the Casino, Interstate Engineering designed a new 200 stall, 515 foot long, two-level precast parking structure. This structure utilized a cast in place retaining wall with pad footings while the remainder of the structure used precast concrete for the double tees, columns, and spandrels. The parking ramp is set into the terrain so the top level is at the same elevation of the lodge entrance, and the lower level is accessible to the basement of the new hotel via a concrete connecting corridor.