Sanitary Sewer Line

In 2007, the City of Sidney, Montana had an analysis done of the current main trunk line that serves existing businesses and residential services in north Sidney, which indicated that the line was at capacity. Since that report was completed, several other subdivisions were constructed or planned that would further overload the existing trunk line. The City Council decided to construct a new trunk line instead of trying to upsize the existing line.

Interstate Engineering was retained by the City of Sidney in 2011 to provide design and construction engineering services for a 15-foot sanitary sewer trunk line that would service the anticipated growth in the City of Sidney. The length of the project was 5,800 linear feet with 20 manholes that were installed and an 8-foot wet well that ties into an existing lift station. The lift station pumps will be upsized when demand requires it.

Interstate Engineering provided the City of Sidney with construction drawings and specifications, landowner utility easements, construction administration, and on-site construction observation. When the job was complete, there were 26 housing lots and 12 commercial lots connected to the line.