Steinberger Certified Senior Professional of Human Resources

Tara Steinberger Earns Certification

Tara Steinberger, Director of Human Resources with Interstate Engineering, recently earned her Senior Professional of Human Resources certification. Earning this certification demonstrates expertise in the strategic and policy-making aspects of Human Resources (HR) management. It ensures that the HR department has the strategic leadership needed to tackle big-picture business issues beyond the HR function. Areas tested on include Leadership and Strategy; Employee Relations & Engagement; Talent Planning and Acquisition; Learning & Development; and Total Rewards.

Steinberger has been with Interstate Engineering since 2011. She holds her Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration and Political Science/History. After graduating from the University of Jamestown, Steinberger began working for the corporate office of Interstate Engineering as the Assistant Administrative Manager and was promoted to Administrative Manager in 2013. With company growth and shifting needs, she took on the role of Director of Human Resources in 2015. In this role, she has become a critical team member.

Congratulations on your achievement, Tara!

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