Barnes Rural Water District

Barnes Rural Water District (BRWD), headquartered in Valley City, services rural water for the southeastern portion of North Dakota. The area includes Barnes, Stutsman, Griggs, Ransom, and Lamoure Counties. Originally constructed in 1978, the rural water system began as the Barnes Rural Water Association.

BRWD operates over 1000 miles of distribution pipeline, nine booster stations, and 11 water storage reservoirs. It also operates a water treatment plant located on the western edge of Barnes County. The plant removes iron and manganese from the water.

Over the past 38 years, the BRWD system has seen a significant increase in users, growing from 650 users in 1978 to over 1600 users today. This growth has significantly impacted the system’s existing infrastructure, pushing the limits of the piping, booster stations, and water treatment plant capacity.

Since 1982, Interstate Engineering has worked closely with BRWD. We have upgraded distribution mains, reservoir storage, and pumping capacity. Dean McNatton, formerly of Interstate Engineering, designed the water treatment capacity increase in 1985. This increase brought the plant from 400,000 gallons per day to 750,000 gallons per day. In 2010, the well pumping and storage capacity at the water treatment plant was increased from 150,000 gallons to 350,000 gallons. To continue to accommodate the growth of BRWD, Interstate Engineering will work with the District to expand the system. This two-phase expansion will happen over a two-year period.

Phase I will increase the water treatment capacity from 1000 gallons per minute to 1400 gallons per minute to meet user growth. This expansion includes a 5,100 square foot building expansion. The expansion will house a forced air draft aerator, flocculation basin, sedimentation basin, horizontal pressure greensand filtration and chemical feed equipment. The project also includes the replacement of all process piping, rehabilitation of the existing five pressure filter vessels, SCADA upgrades, and interior piping.

Phase II will expand the distribution supply system to include the City of Kathryn’s 51 users, as well as an additional 163 new rural users. This 214-user expansion will consist of short piping extensions throughout the BRWD service area with 143 miles of two-inch to four-inch piping.

The opinion of total project cost of the project is $4 million for Phase I and $7.8 million for Phase II. The financing for the project was a 50% grant from the ND Water Resource Trust Fund for Phase I with ND State Revolving Fund as the loan source. Phase II received a 75% grant from the ND Water Resource Trust Fund with the remainder as a loan from the USDA Rural Utilities Program.