Halliday Water Main Replacement

In the late summer and early fall of 2018, the City of Halliday requested Interstate Engineering to review the city’s existing vital infrastructure and make recommendations moving forward. Through the lens of an engineering and strategic planning approach, a comprehensive corridor plan was underway. Halliday’s water main network quickly became the primary source of interest in the city’s rehabilitation and improvement efforts, with a network aging upwards of 100 years or more of asbestos cement pipe as the primary material present. The water in town is produced and provided by Southwest Water Authority (SWA) of Dickinson, North Dakota, and is stored in a 100,000-gallon reservoir north of Halliday’s city limitsThe city had concerns with the network due to an increasing amount of water main breaks in town and they wanted to be vigilant and thorough in their approach to correcting the problem. Additionally, parts of town were experiencing water leaks and losses which were nearing almost 35% to 40% of the metered city consumption recorded and billed to the city by the SWA on a monthly basis 

Meanwhile, as Interstate Engineering was performing its infrastructure review, the North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) had notified the city of their intentions to provide design and construction services for an overlay project on North Dakota Highway 8, which runs through the eastern half of town. Acknowledging that this project was on the near horizon, Interstate Engineering recommended that the city address the water main on the eastern half of town first so the water mains crossing the centerline of ND-8 and running parallel to the highway would be taken care of prior to the state highway overlay project. 

As part of Interstate Engineering’s review, deficiencies were noted on pipe diameter’s in the eastern side of town, leading to concerns with water volumes and fire suppression. Upsizing to standard minimums was included as part of the scope of the project. Given the existing pipe material was Asbestos Cement (AC) pipe, the handling of that material had to meet standards as set forth by the North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) during the construction phase, and disposed of accordingly. Interstate Engineering helped the city better understand the challenges that they would be facing with this project and provided solutions to overcome them in a smooth manner. Coordination with the SWA, DEQ, and NDDOT was handled by Interstate Engineering during the design process. The project was reviewed and approved by all parties in March of 2019, and it was bid in May of 2019. A Notice to Proceed was issued on June 11th, and the construction operations began on July 25th completion date set for November 8th, 2019. 

As part of the contract, Interstate Engineering provided construction surveying and engineering services to the City of Halliday. The day-to-day operations of the contractor were overseen by an on-site project resident, who also acted as the liaison with the city and the contractor. Temporary water services were coordinated with the general public, and demolition operations were underway. New pipe, elbows, tees, thrust blocks, gate valves, hydrants, and curb stops were installed along the pipe alignment. Once the new infrastructure was installed, backfilling operations began and tested for compaction. Pressure testing and disinfection operations followed suit. Once complete, the concrete and asphalt subcontractors patched the streets and replaced curb and gutter. Quality assurance and construction safety were two primary items that Interstate Engineering thrived on enforcing during the construction process according to the City of Halliday. Private property damages were incurred during the construction operations, and work was taking place along a state highway which experienced moderate to high traffic volumes. It was because of the on-site inspections and oversight of Interstate Engineering, along with thorough specifications on the project, that the city was held harmless of any damages experienced during the project and the work was completed in an injury-free manner. 

Currently, Interstate Engineering is continuing to implement its planned phases of infrastructure improvements with the City of Halliday, and the relationship with our client continues to grow.  

Project Team: Charles Hankins, PE (Project Manager & Client Manager, Project Engineer, and Resident Observer); Paul Sharp (Design Drafter); Vaughn Hoffman (Resident Observer)