Lawrence County Bridge Designs

Interstate Engineering has been Lawrence County Highway Engineer the past twenty plus years.  Interstate Engineering has completed the design process set forth the FHWA for replacement of secondary roadway bridges.  Interstate Engineering analyzed the existing structures then made recommendations for replacement structures based on hydraulic modeling and cost estimates. Interstate Engineering has designed six structures for Lawrence County:

  • Redwater River – 3-Span 148  Pre-stress Concrete Girder Bridge
  • Spearfish Creek – 3-Span 126  Continuous Concrete Bridge
  • Chicken Creek – Single Span 80  Bulb Tee Bridge
  • Anderson Road-Low – Water Crossing 19 Laminated Timber Deck
  • Higgins Gulch – Double 12-foot by 11-foot  C.I.P. Box Culvert
  • Higgins Gulch- 24-foot by 6.6-foot  Aluminum Box Culvert 25