Route 10 Reconstruction

Interstate Engineering provided preliminary and construction engineering services for the reconstruction of 12.4 miles of McKenzie County Route #10.  This route is the only access through an active oil drilling and production area which collects and connects traffic between N.D. State Highways 23 and 1806 north of Watford City, North Dakota.  The existing roadway was a 24-foot paved surface that had many breakouts in the asphalt, had many safety concerns, and was deteriorating quickly due to the increased traffic the recent oil boom has brought to the area.

McKenzie County asked Interstate Engineering to design and construct the most economical solution for creating a load restriction free year-round route while maintaining the current alignment and increasing the width to a 28 feet-wide finished asphalt surface.  During the design process, it was determined to utilize 18 inches of aggregate base over top of a prepped subgrade and fabric and 6 inches of hot bituminous surfacing as the new section.  It was also determined during the design process that some vertical curves did not meet the County’s current design speed standards, so re-grading of the project was also needed. Significant thought was put into the phasing and traffic control of the project as the road needed to remain open to traffic during construction. The project also included a bridge deck overlay and widening along with new barrier and guard rail.

The project was bid with an alternate option for Contractors to give alternative solutions to the paving section utilizing either subgrade or aggregate base stabilization products.    The Contractor offered the County to utilize a cement treated base in lieu of the 18 inch regular aggregate base. After many tests and review of the structural integrity, a 12 inch thick section of the cement treated base under the 6 inches of asphalt surfacing was utilized. The project was considered substantially complete on the contract completion date, and the total final cost of the project fell within 1% of the original contract price.