Scrub Seal Street Improvements

The City of Crosby, North Dakota, recently paved major corridors and roadways within the Central Business District. These improvements were beneficial to the community, but approximately 80% of the remaining corridors and side streets were in need of pavement maintenance. To address the remaining street needs, the City of Crosby approached Interstate Engineering about potential solutions. The City of Crosby hoped to have the street repairs completed by August 4th for the city’s Centennial Celebration.

Initially, thoughts to address the street maintenance included crack seals, chip seal, and micro-surfacing. During the field review, many of the surfaces had transverse, longitudinal, and block cracks. With this information, Interstate Engineering prepared two cost estimates. One included traditional chip seal and sealing of the cracks. The other was a scrub seal of all the streets.
The scrub seal process is a melding of the crack seal and seal coat process. This innovative method uses a “scrub” broom system that effectively fills pavement cracks and voids, rejuvenates the pavement, and reduces chip loss. A scrub seal is a good option for roadways that are in relatively good condition with some cracking and without rutting or pavement failures. The expected lifespan of the product is four to eight years.

The preliminary estimate for the scrub seal was lower than the crack seal/chip seal operation. It also included a fog-deal of all scrubbed streets, which would assist with chip retention. The elimination of the crack seal operation saved time making it possible for the city to meet the August 4th deadline.

The City of Crosby’s streets were a perfect candidate for a scrub seal because the brooms push the rejuvenating emulsion into cracks, in turn filling the cracks. The streamlined process ultimately saved the city of Crosby money and time as well as delaying ongoing maintenance of cracks for the next several years. The entire 120-block project was completed five days before the contractor’s deadline and $117,000 under the bid price.